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Another Huge Bad Beat Jackpot at Casino 101-Over $200,000+

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Another Huge Bad Beat Jackpot at Casino 101

Back around November I went to visit Casino 101 having this feeling the bad beat jackpot would hit. I had not been to that club in years. The Jackpot hit that day for $150,000+, but I was playing in a tournament. The policy of the club is that everyone in a cash game gets a piece of a bad beat jackpot.

Tonight, I felt it would happen again so I drove back up to Casino 101. Funny thing, I was off by one day. The Jackpot hit yesterday for over $200,000! Even players at other tables took home $6,000+ each.

Now, I was stuck at this casino and the only game open was $3-$6 hold'em.

Limit Poker Fun

I bought in for $100 and I lost every hand I played for about one hour. One player was drinking too much and the player next to him was pretending to be somewhat wasted. They both were winning most of the hands. It was your typical no fold'em hold'em game.

Down to my last few dollars, I bought in for another rack. Two hands later I was dealt pocket Kings in the small blind. 6 players limped and I raised. Everyone called.

This was the first time I played live limit after that awful run where I lost 8 times in a row with pocket Kings. I really thought it was due to hold up.

The flop was K-J-10 with two hearts. I bet and everyone called.

The turn was a 10. I bet and got raised, another player over-called. I re-raised and both players called.

The river was a 9 of hearts.

I bet and one player re-raised. I re-raised and he called.

It turned out he misread his hand. He thought he had a full house.

It was a big win.

I Made A Player Curse, Slam His Cards Down and March Off in Anger

A few hands later, I am dealt Ac-9c. Again there are numerous callers. I am on the button, so I raise. Everyone calls.

The flop is the 3c-4c-Qd.

Everyone checks and I bet. There are three callers.

The turn is a 8d. I bet after everyone checks. Probably a bad play on my part. There are three callers.

The river is a 7c.

The first player (the drinker) checks, the guy who misread his hand earlier bets into me. I raise with my flush.

The drinker thinks for a while and calls. The other player calls.

I show the flush and the drinker yells "Fuck!" Slams his cards over--the 5d-6s. And marches off pissed. He came back about 10 minutes later and left the casino. I guess he couldn't put me on the flush since I bet all the way?

But wait there's more!

I am now up about $200 and a new player sits down. He has never played before. When I arrived at the club--now about 2 hours ago--this player asked me if he could win here. I told him that you can win or you can lose.

As he sat down he told the dealer that he didn't know how much to bet or about the blinds. The dealer said that he would tell him.

The funny thing--this new player and I go to the river heads-up about 7 out of the next 9 hands. He hits the river on all but one hand. He was hitting his inside straights, two pairs, etc. I kept telling him good hand.

He ended up taking about $100 of my winnings. The game broke up and I left.
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LMAO - That is hilarious, sounds like he got dealt the deck and you the cold deck..LOL Nice blog, I'm bookmarking it

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