Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Which Poker Book Do You Want For Free?

Which one of these 25+ poker books do you want for free?

Championship Table at the WSOP 1970-2002
Championship Hold'em Cash Game Strategies by Cloutier and McEvoy

John Chan in 2006 World Series of Poker at Rio...Image via Wikipedia

The Science of Poker by Mahmood
No Limit Texas Hold'em by Daugherty and McEvoy
Championship Tournament Practice Hands McEvoy and Cloutier
Poker Tournament Tips from the Pros by Smith
Poker Tournament Strategies by Suzuki
Championship No Limit and Pot Limit Holdem by Cloutier
52 Tips for Texas Holdem Poker by Shulman
The Mathematics of Poker by Chen and Ankerman
Flop by Burke
Championship Satellite Strategy by McEvoy and Dougherty
Killer Poker Online by Vorhaus
Psychology of Poker by Schmoonmaker
Inside the Poker Mind by Feeney
Poker Strategy by Ankevy
Real Poker II the Play of Hands by Cooke
The Pro Poker Playbook by Vorhaus
Play Poker Like Johnny Chan by Chan
Complete Guide to Winning Poker by Morehead
Tao of Poker by Phillips
Poker A Winner's Guide by Nelson
Tales out of Tulsa by Baldwin
Holdem Excellence by Krieger
Play Poker Like a Pigeon by Anonymous
Complete Book of Poker by Carson
Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em by Warren

As a Special Promotion, I will send you one of these poker books from my collection for Free when you buy either my Play Razz Poker to Win or Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves books from my webpage here and ONLY here.

As a bonus....I am going to pay for shipping and taxes AND I will even autograph my poker book. Since the free poker books are in my collection they are used.

You can request which book you would like by sending me an email at mcogert@gmail.com. Just let me know the email address you used when ordering so I can match up orders and requests.

But wait there is more...If you want one of the listed books without buying my poker book, contact me at mcogert@gmail.com and it is yours for only $4.95 plus the price of shipping.


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GiJoeValdez said...

you forgot to say at the end even though used books are gone you can still place orders. =)
good luck and be safe in your travels

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