Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Very Strange Poker Experience And A $180,000 Jackpot!

A Very Strange Poker Experience And A $180,000 Jackpot!

Yesterday I went to Casino 101 in Petaluma, CA to enter the $115 buy-in MTT event. I had never played in one of their tournaments before, and it was the second time I've been there since the renovation from Sonoma Joe's. A lot of money was put into this place to fix it up and it looks great.

The Jackpot

Proper Driver's LicenceImage by Noeluap via Flickr

Casino 101 has a starting Jackpot of $150,000 and it requires that a player has four 10's or better getting beat--and using both down cards. The one unique thing the club does is that everyone who is playing at the club at the time of the jackpot gets a share. I am not sure of the percentage break-outs for the Jackpot hand, winning hand, players at the table and the players at the other tables.

I believe this jackpot started in September. It was now at $180,000.

The Tournament

The event gives you 6,000 in chips and 20 minute rounds with automatic shufflers in play. It does provide you with some time to play.

I was playing way too passive in the first hour, and my stack had gone down to about $4000.

One interesting play: I was in the small blind with rags. The player under the gun, let's call him Joe, limped in with A-K offsuit. The guy next to him, who hadn't raised the entire game, raised. Everyone folded. Joe moved all in. His opponent insta-called with pocket Kings and knocked Joe out of the tournament.

My thinking: "Joe really made a stupid play. A-K is not pocket Aces."

At the break, I walked outside. It was about 5pm.

Suddenly I had a feeling that the Jackpot was going to be hit. In fact, I saw a xerox of a California Driver's license flash in my mind's eye. When you win a lot of money, you have to show your license and the club xerox copies it for their files.

It is tough to really explain my premonition on this. But I felt that if I had this "feeling" I guess I am going to win the Jackpot!

Back to the Tournament

I took my seat at the tournament table, thinking that I may not win the tournament, but I'm going to win the Jackpot. The first hand was dealt and I won with pocket 9's. As the second hand was being dealt...

"Jackpot!!!" the players screamed from the $4-$8 limit table. My back was to the the winning table. A player's four queens lost to a royal flush. I didn't turn around since I was rather bummed.

Another player at my tournament table said, "Look, Joe is at that table. I think he is going to win $4-$5,000."

My thought about Joe's play changed. That A-K all-in was a brilliant move!

Oh yeah, no one in the tournament got a share of the Jackpot since it wasn't a live game.

As to the tournament, I took a beat on the river later in the event. My A-10 lost to Q-J when my opponent made a bad call on my all-in pre-flop..but it turned into a great call since the Jack hit on the river.

The Rest of the Story...

After I got knocked out, I signed up for the $3-$6 limit game. I waited for about 30 minutes and walked around the club thinking about my premonition. I decided that it was just coincidence since I hadn't seen any xerox copy of a California Driver's License.

A few minutes later I walked by the cage. One of the club's employees was at the cage. I glanced over and on the counter were xerox copies of many California Driver's licenses--yeah, from the players at the Jackpot table.

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