Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is a Must If You Are Into Poker!

This is a Must If You Are Into Poker!

Last night I found that there was a moderated netcast of the WSOP Final Table of the Main Event. The visual was not of the players or the event, but a diagram of player chip stacks, the action, and things you'd need to know if you really wanted to learn about poker.

The WSOP logo on a poker chip.Image via Wikipedia

It was excellent! I was going to watch/listen for a few hours, but it was addicting and I ended up watching for like 9+ hours, until around 6am--when it finally got to heads-up.

I have to give major kudos to the sponsors (Ubet, Bluff Magazine, something called poker maven VT (?) and others) the guys who did the moderation (David something and Joe Seebok), and the great guests (Ferguson, Duke, internet shiz kids, and more.)

The best part was when Hellmuth joined for the last hour or so. No matter what you think of Phil's style/act, he knows his poker. His discussion with the other moderator about his style of play of using reads versus the internet aggro guys was great.

The final table head-to head battle will be on Monday night at 10pm Pacific.

The link is:

If you are into the WSOP--you really should listen and watch.

I have avoided giving out who is still in or out of the event--since I know a lot of players are waiting for the ESPN broadcast.


Anonymous said...

What I didn't get was Hellmuth and the internet guys talking about hand ranges (internet guys) and pinpointing a hand (Hellmuth.) You need to set up hand ranges to pinpoint a hand... but they were treating it like two different things.

Hellmuth is a good tournament player and I agree his comments are defintely interesting to hear but I just have a hard time imagining him beating 3/6 and higher online cash games. Even in live play, he's usually not playing the biggest games and I attribute that mostly to lack of skill. Hellmuth is a good player but I feel like good internet players are definetly on or above his level in most aspects of poker and it's a bit annoying to hear him talk down to them. :/

Mitchell Cogert said...

My take is that Hellmuth was talking mostly about tournament play.

He said that he tries to get a read on whether his opponent is weak or strong. If his read is that his opponent is strong, he doesn't push hands that other players (like the internet guys) are willing to do.

From watching Cada's style of play, the discussion was interesting since Hellmuth thought Cada was reading his opponents real well, while the moderator was saying that Cada was playing smart based on his internet experience/being super aggressive--the notion of "reading" an opponent was not there.

Was Hellmuth talking down to them? Yeah, I took that away as well, especially when he said to be a "world champion poker player like Chan and others" you have to do it his way.

It livened things up for me, for sure...heck, it was 5am!

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