Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Just Made Tournament Poker Mistake #2!

I Just Made Tournament Poker Mistake #2!

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I entered the Oaks tournament today. I had not had a premium hand all day, and yet I was in good chip shape as it got down to 13 players.

I was doing well since I really focused on playing my opponents' hand rather than my own cards. This meant that I could take down a lot of pots with a bet heads up--out of position, or take my opponents at their word and bet in position when they checked.

The Situation

The blinds had just gone up to $1,000-$2,000 with a $400 ante. There were 7 players at my table, and 6 on the the other table. I had $21,000.

I was third to act and had Ac-Jc. The first two players checked. I raised to $5,400. Pushing all-in is an option but I am cocky enough to believe I can outplay my opponents on the flop.

Anyway, the player on the button called. He had about $20,000 left after calling my raise.

Rather than doing what I was doing all day--putting my opponent on a hand--I was thinking about needing to hit my hand.

The flop came Qc-5c-2s. I missed and auto-checked.

What! As soon as I checked I realized that I made the wrong play. I should have been moving all-in here.

My opponent moved all-in. Now, I was fairly certain he had a middle pair.

I had 15 outs. Should I call here?

I called all-in. My opponent showed 10h-10s.

Both the turn and river missed me, and I was out.

I just wrote in my prior blog post not to auto-check when you miss. And here I am knocking myself out, with a freaking check. Stupid.

Oh well. This is a mistake I've done before and I need to stop doing it now!

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Mitch said...

Although you missed your play, and I agree with you, I think your opponent would have still called your hand with the pair, because I would have. And you'd have still been out. So, in this case, I wouldn't beat yourself up too badly.

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