Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, woe is me. Last night at the $15-$30 table...

Oh, woe is me. Last night at the $15-$30 table...

Sometimes things go south at the poker table.

I get dealt pocket Jacks under the gun.

I raise. Everyone folds to the big blind who reluctantly calls.

The flop is J-10-8 rainbow.

He checks.

I bet.

He raises and I call.

On the turn is a 2. He bets. I decide to trap and I call.

On the river is a 4. He bets. I raise.

He re-raises me!

Oh no!!!!!!!

I call.

He shows 9-7 for a straight.

A few more hands are dealt and I am not a happy camper, of course. The player who beat me on that hand now leaves the table.

Another player at the table moves into that departing player's seat and posts.

A few hands later

I get dealt pocket 3's in middle position.

5 players call pre-flop. Since 3 players already called, I decided to try to hit my set by limping.

The flop is J-7-7.

Everyone checks.

The turn is a 3, giving me a full house.

The small blind bets and everyone folds to the the player that posted. He calls.

I raise, of course. I figure if either player has a 7, he will call my raise.

Only the "poster" calls.

The river is an Ace.

He checks and I bet.

He check-raises me!

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!

I call.

He has J-7 offsuit!

I got punished through out the night until I decided enough is enough.

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