Saturday, August 21, 2010

Suggestion for a New Tournament Poker Rule

DSC_8714Image by aboutmattlaw via FlickrSuggestion for a New Tournament Poker Rule

The Bad Beat Re-entry Rule

This rule only applies in a heads-up situation where both players have a pocket pair, and one or both player's are all-in in pre-flop so no more betting is possible. When both players have a pocket pair, if the player with the higher ranking pair loses and gets knocked out of the tournament, she/he is allowed to re-enter the event.

To re-enter the event, the player must pay the entry fee again and only receives the amount of chips a player gets when entering this event.

Note: If it is a rebuy event, and the tournament is pass the point where more rebuys are allowed, this player also is not allowed any rebuys.

Example of the rule in action:

You enter a tournament for $100 and get $2,500 in chips. It is late in the event, you have $5,000 in chips, and you get dealt pocket Kings under the gun. You raise the $50-$100 blind to $300. Everyone folds to the big blind, who moves all-in for $7,000. You call all-in.

Your opponent shows pocket Jacks. You have pocket Kings. While you are an 80% favorite to win, if you lose you will be knocked out of the tournament.

The common cards are dealt out, and a Jack hits the river. You lose the hand and you can not continue to play as you have no more chips.

With the Bad Beat Re-entry rule, you are given the option to re-enter the event. To re-enter this event, you would pay $100 and get $2,500 in chips to continue to play.

What do you think?
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Anonymous said...


You'd have bozos shoving almost any poker pair a lot.

Mitchell Cogert said...

I don't see players shoving with any pair, because a) you need to have the higher ranked pair and b) you need to be eliminated with the bad beat, for the this rule to come into play.

I did get a response from Bob Ciaffone on the suggeted rule. Bob is an expert when it comes to poker--as a coach, author and rules. Here is what he emailed:

Sounds reasonable to me. Draws a distinction between playing wild and rebuying and taking a bad beat. I like that.

Anonymous said...

Do it as insurance. At the start of the tourney you can opt to pay double the entry fee for Bad Beat insurance. If you need it great, otherwise you can't get back in after a bad beat.

Mitchell Cogert said...

Excellent idea. Thanks.

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