Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poker Quiz: Guess What Your Opponent is Holding

Circle-question-blueImage via WikipediaPoker Quiz: Guess What Your Opponent is Holding

I was in an interesting hand the other day at the club. See if you can guess the hand your opponent is holding.

You are in a $15-$30 limit hold'em game. You are in early position and get dealt Js-Jc.

The players in front of you fold and you raise the $15 big blind to $30. It is folded to Bob in the cutoff who re-raises to $45. Bob is a betting station, that is, he likes to take the lead by betting and raising. Debbie, who is on the button, re-raises to $60.

Debbie is a typical player at these middle limit holdem levels.

You call and Bob calls. There are three players in the hand going to the flop, as both blinds fold.

The flop is Jh-4d-2d.

Excellent! You have the nuts!

You bet the flop wanting to get multiple bets.

Bob dutifully raises, and Debbie re-raises. You cap it. Both players call.

The turn is a 7h.

Excellent! You have the nuts and bet out again. Bob doesn't seem to care and he raises you. Debbie calls. You re-raise and now both players call your bet.

The river is an Ace...uh oh..

You check, Bob checks, and Debbie....yeah, Debbie bets.

You call. Bob folds.

Guess what Debbie is holding?

Guess what Bob was holding?

Insert Jeopardy music.... :-)


Debbie shows pocket Aces.

Bob states he had pocket Kings.

You lose over $200 on the hand. Ouch!
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