Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rounders Radio, Lou Krieger and Razz Poker interview

I was interviewed by Lou Kreiger on Thursday to talk about Razz and my Razz poker book. He has a weekly show on every Thursday night from 6-7 pm Pacific.

It was very nice of him to invite me to his show and allow me an hour of time. Outside of a silly call upfront from "peeps," the interview went well. We talked about the new information in the book that is based on probabilities from hand simulations. He plugged the book a lot. The only thing I should have done is set the show up better and explained the game at the start since I'm not sure people know much about Razz poker.

He also suggested that I do a signing at Gamblers Book now that they have my book in stock.

At the end, I talked about the new No-limit tournament reference book and asked for poker bloggers to contact me regarding feedback. I got a few takers to help out...I don't know if any really had a blog though.

Looking forward to the new book, as I've received some positive feedback so far, and the FTOPS events in early May. I haven't played any Razz for some time now...I am totally out of practice. One thing I'm going to be tested is the concept of EV--I don't think Expected Value has much of a role in tournament play. will have the Razz poker interview posted as a podcast so anyone can listen.

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