Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tournament Poker: No Limit results not Razz

Since I had recently completed the draft of my new No-Limit tournament book, I decided to put what I learned into action.

Sunday: Oaks Card Room--hadn't played at a live club in over 6 months. Ended up making a mistake near the end--I decided to set up a trap and check the turn, hoping my opponent would bet. He didn't and the river card resulted in a chopped pot. I finished 4th out of 132 players..winning about $1,200. (Overall, I got lucky and unlucky at that event.)

Monday: Full Tilt--$20,000 guarantee, rebuy event. Finished 4th here as well. Last hand was my A-Q versus 5-5. In retrospect, I should have used a "Stop-and-go" move. Won about $1,900. (Overall, I had a lot more luck than usual to finish 4th. For a long time, it seemed the software was helping me out.)

So...while I'm getting lucky at no-limit and in that mindset of "Risk is good," I'm holding off on Razz.

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