Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Look At Your Cards and Win at Poker

If you've ever played in a no-limit hold'em poker tournament you know that you can go a long time before getting good cards. As you wait and wait, your chips stack keeps getting lower and lower as the blinds and antes increase. What should you do?

Don't let your lousy cards ruin a smart play. Use the "No-Look" Blind Steal.

What is the "No-Look" Blind Steal?

It is when you are in a late position and everyone folds to you. Rather than looking at your cards, just raise to steal the blinds. The reason for making this move is that you need to accumulate chips to win a poker tournament, and you know that if you had 7-2 offsuit you would fold.

When is the right time to make this play?

1. Your chip stack is dwindling
2. You haven't raised pre-flop in a long time, so your table image is of a tight player
3. You know that if you see a lousy hand you are going to fold
4. You are in a back position
5. No one has entered the pot in front of you

Does this play work? Absolutely! Just don't get caught...

I use this move often, and I don't believe I've been caught doing it except for one time. The situation was right for the "no-look" blind steal. I was in the cut-off (one from the button) and everyone folded to me.

I raised the blinds without looking, and to my surprise the player in the big blind called me out and said, 'You didn't look at your cards.'

I couldn't believe it!

So, I told him that he was wrong and I did look at my cards.

But my opponent wouldn't let go. He called my raise and when the flop cards hit the table and my opponent checked, I resisted the temptation of looking at my cards and I just bet. My opponent wouldn't fold. He just kept looking at me. Did he expect me to confess?

Finally, I spoke up and said "I'm not an idiot, of course I looked."

He folded. I mucked without peeking at my two hole cards.

Now, whenever I make this move I just pretend to look at my cards.

Give this move a try when you are playing at a card room. You'll be surprised how this one play will make a difference in your tournament poker results.

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