Friday, January 29, 2010

Tony G says, “Don’t play K-J”

Tony G says, “Don’t play K-J”

Tony G at the 2008 World Series of PokerImage via Wikipedia

The following sponsored post about Tony G is from pokerjunkie. It describes what happens in a hand with Tony G where he verbally abuses his opponent for calling his all-in bet with K-J. You can also view the video below.

Tony G. versus Ralph Perry-Intercontinental Poker Championship

Sometimes I like to go back into the vaults and watch my favorite poker-related YouTube videos. And one of my all-time favorites is a hand involving Tony G and Ralph Perry in the Intercontinental Poker Championship. This is of course before Tony Guoga stopped playing the game in an effort to plug TonyG Poker in all of the poker site reviews across the Internet.

The hand starts out with Tony G calling the big blind with A-2, and Ralph Perry trying to decide what to do when the action comes around to him. Perry is able to think past Guoga’s constant banter and raise him with K-J. Tony G then attempts to push Perry out of the hand by going all-in.

Interestingly enough though, Ralph Perry refuses to fold with K-J and decides to call Tony G; this puzzles the crowd and the announcers. Guoga is definitely sitting pretty even before the flop is shown since he is a 60/40 favorite over Ralph Perry. When the flop of 2-3-10 rainbow hits the board, Tony G is in even better shape with a pair of deuces.

After getting his pair, Tony G starts talking like he already won the hand and says, “This is not something, someone to learn from.” The turn and river come up 7 and 6, which sends Tony Guoga into an over-the-top celebration where he heads over to Ralph Perry. Once he arrives at Perry’s seat, he starts saying things like, “Look how ugly this is”, “You’re a professional player and I can do this to you”, “You’re a terrible player”, “This is disgraceful”.

He also manages to insult Russian players as a whole before telling Ralph Perry how stupid it is to overplay K-J. Somehow, Perry manages to smile through the ordeal and simply tells Tony G, “Good hand.” This doesn’t stop Guoga though since he’s still ranting even as Perry walks away.

I think Tony G should consider the hand he went all-in with though (A-2) before chastising Perry so much.

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Mitchell Cogert said...

Shawn K. Quinn:

Tony G got lucky with his A2. There are only three outs to dominate KJ here and with two overcards plus freaky things like the possibility of hitting runner runner for a straight, I wouldn't be quite so quick to slam Ralph for playing KJ.

(Comment reposted)

Mitchell Cogert said...


You don't want to call all-in with K-J.

A better play would have been to move all-in with K-J. Tony G would have folded.

Also, Tony G's abuse would never happen if the cameras were off. It's like he wants to be the poor man's Phil Hellmuth.

Dez said...

Great comment about the all-in call Mitchell,

I think a key mistake is - one I did quite often earlier in my still short poker career - calling an all in pre-flop with anything worst than QQ. Obviously depending on the opp(s) nature and texture :)


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