Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Did I Play This Poker Hand--Good or Bad?

How Did I Play This Poker Hand--Good or Bad?

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Wednesday night I entered a MTT at the Oaks Club in Emeryville, CA. Unfortunately, I went out on the bubble. However, an interesting hand came up that I wanted to share with you.

The blinds were $100-$200 with a $25 ante. There were 10 players at the table.

I was under the gun with Q-10 suited, of spades. I limped for the $200. I had about $10,000.

The next player raised to $900 (he had $7,000 in chips). It was folded to the big blind who called (he had $14,000 in chips).

There was now $2,100 in the pot and it would cost me $700 to call. I called.

The Flop

The player to my left had just sat down, so I didn't have a read on him. The player in the big blind had said things to me that indicated he thought I was a strong player; actually, it was like he thought I was a great player. It was weird.

The flop came down 6-6-5 with two spades. There was $2,800 in the pot.

The big blind checked. I didn't want the player on my left to make a big bet given my flush draw, so I bet $600. Both opponents insta-called.

Now, there was $4,000 in the pot.

The Turn

The turn was a 3 of diamonds. Bummer. I missed my flush draw.

The big blind checked again. It was up to me. What should I do here?

If I checked it would mean weakness. Since neither opponent had raised me on the flop and the chance of one of them having any piece of this board was small, I decided to play the players and not my cards.

I bet $2,000.

The player to my left folded right away. The big blind, though, took some time to think about the situation.

Finally, he looked at me and stated, "you have a full house." I didn't reply, but it got me to think: Why would he think I had a full house?

A few seconds later, my opponent added, "you have pocket fives." He stared at me, for some reaction or sign. I didn't move, of course, and he mucked his hand. What was he holding?
Pocket 8's! The other player said he had A-Q.

What do you think? Good play or bad play on my part?

Frankly, my flop bet was so small that both players had to call. It did serve the purpose of a blocking bet that slowed them down and allowing me to take the initiative.

When both players called my flop bet, I thought that one of them may have had a better flush draw, like A-J, A-Q, or A-K suited and the other player had two broadway cards. I didn't expect either one to have an overpair.

Would you have folded pocket 8's in that situation?
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Anonymous said...

I like the play, and it won the hand. Good semi-bluff!

Anonymous said...

QT under the gun 10 handed? I'm not playing that hand.

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