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Introducing A New Poker Move!

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Introducing A New Poker Move!

Yes, I have decided it is time for a new poker move. Obviously, it can't be really new since you can only do a limited number of moves at the poker table. But, it's new because I'm giving this poker move it's very own name.

First, some background....

When I was a boy my parents would drive us from Connecticut to visit my grandparents who lived in Brooklyn. One of the highlights of every trip was the food that was at my grandparents and never at my home. For example, there was this candy, I called it paper candy. I guess the real name is button candy. I loved that stuff.

My grandmother believed that it was important for me to drink milk. But, I hate milk. So she would have on hand, chocolate syrup. And whenever she told me to drink milk, I would get the milk and chocolate syrup out and put it on the kitchen table.

Next, I would take a long glass and fill it about three-quarters of the way to the top with the chocolate syrup and then cap the glass off with milk. I'd get a long spoon and mix it. It was great!

For some reason my Mom would never be able to find this chocolate syrup in Connecticut.

The name of this great syrup was U-Bet.

My new poker move: U-Bet

This is a very simple concept but for some reason many players don't seem to embrace it. When your opponent checks, U-Bet. You are not playing your cards, you are playing your opponents cards. Think about that great chocolate syrup when you play poker...U-Bet.

Again. When your opponent or opponents check, U-Bet.

Let me give you examples that are from the no limit $.50-$1.00 cash game last night.

Example 1:

A player raises to $3 and a second player calls. You have 6-5 suited in the big blind and make the call. There is $9.50 in the pot.

The flop is A-9-4 rainbow. You check and your opponents check.

When the turn card hits the board, U-Bet. I don't care what the card is. U-Bet since your opponents checked.

You only have to make a $5 wager to find out if you are going to win the hand. And, you don't have to be right that often to make this a profitable play.

Example 2:

A player on the button raises to $3. You have 8-7 suited in the big blind and make the call. There is $6.50 in the pot.

The flop is K-7-6 rainbow. You check. Your opponent bets $5. You call since you hit the second pair. There is $16.50 in the pot.

The turn is a 2. You check and your opponent checks.

When the river card hits the board, U-Bet. Again, I don't care what the card it. U-Bet since your opponent checked.

Other examples:

The most common example is when you have position and your opponents check the flop.

Another common example is when everyone checks the flop and now everyone checks to you on the turn. Your opponents check, U-Bet.

I hope U-Bet helps your game. If not, you can enjoy it in milk.
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