Saturday, June 19, 2010

Limit Poker: $15-$30 Cash Game--A Very Interesting Hand

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Limit Poker: $15-$30 Cash Game--A Very Interesting Hand

I got knocked out of the Oaks $120 buy-in tournament today when a player beat my pocket Aces. He moved all-in on the flop with his flush draw. I called. He hit his flush on the turn. Oh well.

Since I was out early, I decided to try the $15-$30 cash limit game.

Here is the Very Interesting Hand

Everyone is playing rather loose. I get dealt 9-9 on the cut-off.

5 players call. I call since no one is going to fold for one bet. The button raises. Everyone calls.

There are 7 players in the hand.

The flop is 5s-7d-9d.

The big blind bets into the raiser and the big field. I call. The button raises. The big blind calls. I call. Everyone else folded. Three of us take the turn.

The turn is a 2c.

The big blind checks. I check. The button bets. The big blind now check-raises. I call. The button calls.

The river is a Jd, potentially giving someone a flush.

The big blind checks. I bet right away. Why? I am sure no one has a flush. My bet will make it look like I have a flush. And, if the big blind has a straight he may fold since he is an "observant" player.

The button calls. The big blind is not happy. He takes a while to make a decision. He folds.

I show the set of 9's. The button shows a set of 7's.

The big blind had the 6-8, which gave him a flopped straight. He folded since he was sure I could only be in the hand with a flush draw.

A big win for me!

For the entire session of limit cash, I ended +$800.
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Anonymous said...

How come you never raised once...and then only bet when they draw hit?

Mitchell Cogert said...

Here was my thinking:

On the flop, I thought the big blind could have a flush draw when he bet out. With so many players behind me plus the pre-flop raiser, I wanted to see what would happen.

When the pre-flop raiser, raised on the flop as well, I thought he had an overpair.

A raise by me here would not get anyone to fold on the flop, so I just called the bet and later on the raise.

On the turn, my plan was to check raise the pre-flop raiser. However, after he bet, and the big blind check raised, it was clear to me that the big blind had the nuts.

I certainly did not want to raise on the turn with an inferior hand. And, I knew the player behind me would continue to have an inferior hand to me on the river, unless he hit some miracle card.

Next, before the river card hit, I knew that if I didn't improve to a full house, I was going to bet right away if the flush card hit.

When the flush card hit on the river and the big blind checked, I knew that my only chance of winning the pot is by betting like I had the flush. The big blind would not check a flush. And, I was almost 100% sure that the player behind me did not make a flush.

What hand could I have played this way by just calling bets--even a check raise on the turn? A flush draw, of course...probably the nut flush draw.

That's why I bet on the river.

I was lucky that it worked.

One other thing this hand demonstrates is that it is a disaster to fold a winning hand on the river in limit poker. It just costs you one bet, and you never know.

I hope this helps.

Note: If I had raised on the turn, I not only would have been re-raised by the big blind, but I would have been called down by him on the river and lost the pot.

Christopher said...

makes sense...good "selling of a story" to the other players

- Chris Albanese

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