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Rules for Omaha Hi/Lo

Rules for Omaha Hi/Lo

There are three ways of winning in Omaha Hi/Lo. First is to have the highest hand, second is to have the lowest hand and third is to win both the highest and the lowest hands at the same hand. In Omaha Hi/Low – only the hand that each card is an eight or lower qualifies for the low game

The game starts with each player are given 4 hole cards. These are their private cards and there’s no way they should show them to their opponents. On the other hand, there will be five cards that will be displayed in the table in the gradual manner. These are called the community card. In order for the player to win, the player should have the highest possible card using two of the four cards and combine them with three of the cards on the table. The player can also use the same set of hands to win the low category provided that the cards used are eight or lower.

Start of the Game:
Before the round starts, the blinds are first posted.

First Round of Betting:
Before the flop (revealing the three community cards) and after the blinds, the player receives their 4 hole cards. In this part of the game, the player can actually fold their cards if they found them not suitable for that round.

The Flop:
After everyone has made their initial bet or folded in the first round, the flop is then set up. For this flop, only three community cards are revealed. From the community cards, the players can then fold, or bet depending on their decision.

The Turn:
When everyone is finished with their decisions and there are still more than one player left in the round, another card is opened as community card. Each player will then decide to bet or to fold.

The River:
If there’s still more than one player left in the game, the last community card (or called the river) is revealed. After this round, when there’s still more than one player, the game goes into showdown.

Each player will reveal their cards showing their highest set of cards. If a player has good “low” cards, against another player’s “high cards” they will split the winnings. If there are no low cards, the player with the high cards win.

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