Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rules for Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

Rules for Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo
Also Known As: Seven Stud High Low, Seven Stud 8 or Better

Each player has to come up with the best possible hands using the seven cards (three down, four faced up). Each player could try to create a low hand and a high hand in his set of cards. Ace can be considered as the lowest card in the game and at the same time the highest card in the game.

Before players start the game, players have to place antes in the pot

3rd Street/First Round
At the start of the round, each player will be given three cards. Two of the cards will be placed faced down and the third card will be the faced up. The third car that’s faced up is called the “door card.” To determine the first player, the player that has the lowest door card will start the game. If the value is the same, the order of suit will be used to determine who goes first. Once the player is determined, he or she could either “bring-in” or place a half the minimum bet or “complete” which refers to the full amount of the lowest limit. Players in this round could either raise the bet or fold their game.

4th Street
In the next round, each player will have another card faced up. The player that has the highest set of cards faced up can start the game. If there’s a tie, the player closest to the left side of the dealer goes first. The lowest bet will be the minimum limit of every game.

5th Street
Another faced-up card is distributed to every active player. The 5th street is the same with the 6th street except that the minimum bet will now be the highest limit of the game.

6th Street
Pretty much the same with the 5th street, the last faced-up cards is given to all players

7th street
Cards faced down will be distributed to each active player. There will be one last betting before the showdown will start all in the game.

With your seven cards you can now show the highest possible cards to your opponent. The player that has the highest five card set, wins. At the same time, the person that has the lowest five-card set (based on 8 or better rules) could share the pot with the winner. It’s also possible to have a card-set that’s good in high or lo game. There are also people who opted to surrender in the game if they saw the cards before them are way stronger

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