Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rules for Seven Card Stud

Rules for Seven Card Stud

At the end of the game, each player will have seven cards three face-up and four face- down, a player has to come up with the best possible 5-card hand based on the poker rankings.

Before the hand starts, each player will have to place antes in the pot

3rd Street/First Round
At the start of the game, the players will receive three cards: two cards facing down and one card facing up (called the door card). The player who has the lowest door card will be the first player to act on the game. The player will have the choice either to “bring-in” the game (pay half of the low limit) or “complete” the bet (bet an equal amount to the low limit). If two players have the same low cards, the order of suit will have to be followed. Clockwise, each player will have to bet or fold.

4th Street
Each player will receive another card face up. To determine the first player who acts in the game, the player that has the highest combination of the card starts first. If there are two players that have the same set of cards, the player closest to the left of the dealer goes first. The minimum bet on this game is the lowest limit. An exception to this rule though is that when the first player in this round has a pair, the player will have the choice of doubling the minimum bet.

5th Street
Players will again receive a card face-up. The round will basically be the same with the 4th street but the minimum bet will now be the highest limit.

6th Street
This part is also the same with the 5th street, including the minimum bet (highest limit). This will be the last round of face-up cards.

7th Street
Each player will receive their cards face down. The minimum bet is still the highest limit. If the cards aren’t enough for all players, one card will be placed in the center of the table face up and will be treated as a community card.

Each player who is still playing will show their cards to determine who has the highest possible set of cards in that round. If two players have the same set of winning cards, the winnings are split between players. Some players who know they will lost that round sometimes just opted to “muck” or surrender their cards without revealing them.

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