Thursday, May 15, 2008

About to be knocked out of the

FTOPS Razz event. Tried to build a big pot to win with A-2-3 and bricked it. Next hand A-2-4 tried again...and bricked again.

Full Tilt has been beating me up non stop since I won a 45 person no limit event. Right now, 4th time in row for a bring in bet. Unreal what the software can do to you...


Jordan Etzel said...

My friend pepperman7 on Full Tilt bought me your razz book and it improved my game a lot! I even placed in the top 20 of the FTOPS event last night!

Sorry to see the bricks ate you! You can at least take solace that your book helped someone place!

Mitchell said...

Excellent! Congratulations!

That's the kind of news I want to time you'll win it all.

jusdealem said...

I have felt the same about getting beat up by the software. Seems if I brick on a big pot and lose, I'll get the bring in 10x in a row...weird.

Mitchell said...

I don't really believe the RNG used in any online site is all that random.

Examples--things I've heard/experienced:
1. Withdraw money at a month you play at that site, you can't win anymore. Coincidence?

2. Don't play at a site for a come back, and suddenly you get premium hands. Luck?

3. Play for hours and don't get a hand. Next time you play, you get more premium hands in 30 minutes that you've gotten in the last 6 hours. Random?

My most recent experience at Full Tilt--I won a small event...the next 3 out of 4 times I played I get knocked out on the first hand with a set on the flop. Is the fix in?

I still play at the online sites since you never know when the RNG/site will be in your favor.

I use the patience theory. If the site has gone against you, leave and don't come back for a month. Play at another site or two for that month.

My advice: If Full Tilt seems to be going against you not because of your play, go and play Razz at PokerStars for a month. I know this is not a popular point of view, but what do you have to lose?

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