Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Promo idea for No Limit: A Free Poker Evaluation

The promotion is for my new book Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves. Here's the concept:

How many times have you entered a no limit poker tournament and not cashed? Or have you cashed a few times but never won an event?

Perhaps it's time for you to get outside help so you can stop making the same mistakes and improve your tournament play.

Here are three options to improve your game:

1. Ask friends for help.

The advantages of using friends is that it will not cost you any money and they are nearby. They can watch you play online or sit behind you while you play at a casino. The disadvantages is that your friends may not be poker experts and may not be able to identify where you need help. Also if you compete against them, you may not want to give away how you play.

2. Hire a poker coach

The advantages of using a poker coach is that they are experts and can help you improve your game. The disadvantage is the cost. The big seminars from Poker Pros often cost thousands of dollars.

3. Get a Poker Evaluation.

The advantages of a poker evaluation is that is totally free and you take the exam at your leisure. When you have completed the test, you review not just the right answers but also you get specific advice on what your wrong answer means as to how you approach a poker tournament and a given situation.

Getting help means knowing answers to questions like these:

1. Do you have the right mindset to win a poker tournament?

2. Do you know how to play in early stages of a poker tournament?

3. Do you know the best way to play pocket Jacks?

4. Do you know when it is the right or wrong time for a continuation bet?

5. Do you really understand how to use a semi-bluff?

6. Do you know when to bet or check on flops?

7. Do you know how to take advantage of scare cards?

8. Do you know how to approach heads-up play?

If you are not making any money playing poker, get help. Ask friends, hire a coach or start with a Free Poker Evaluation.

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