Saturday, May 3, 2008

FTOPS Razz Poker event is May 15th 21:00

I won a satellite to get into the game tonight. I just have to remember to get to the game on time. I think 21:00 is 6pm Pacific.

As to the satellite, only one seat was being given away since there were only 6 players.

When it was down to 3 players I was low in chips. But the chip leader thought I was weak when I had him board locked on 6th. Got me back in the game.

Won a couple more heads-up matches when the player in 2nd place over-played his position and I caught him on 5th street.

I beat him one more time on 5th street and became chip leader.

After that point it seemed the other two players tightened up, so I loosened up my play. I had a big chip lead and we were 3 handed still.

Finally, the prior chip leader was low in chips and moved all-in against me. He had the better hand but bricked. He was out.

My lead extended and the the last opponent just folded and folded and folded.
Finally, he had to take a stand...he won!

But he folded, folded and folded, and he was right back to having to take a stand. This time he lost.

I wish they all could be that easy.

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