Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Has Barack Obama Already Let Poker Players Down?

Many poker players think that Obama is the better choice for President since he plays poker and he will understand the need to regulate rather than outlaw online poker. Well, think again.

It seems that he is doing the political thing and ducking the issue, or perhaps worse.

Recently Senator Obama responded to the issue regarding online gambling. What he said in a letter dated 8/15/08 is disappointing. in fact, I'd say he replied like a typical politician.

To quote him regarding the UIGEA: "This bill was then folded into a conference committe report on unrelated port security legislation, and became Public Law on October 13, 2006.

I recognize the need to comply with federal and state laws and the desire of many Illinoisans to not have the federal government over-regulate their behavior. As opportunities to re-examine this issue arise, I will certainly keep your concerns in mind... -Sincerely, Barack Obama, United States Senator

I know he wants to get elected but geeze, take a stand.

I guess the next time you get dealt Ace-King in a no limit tournament, you should say:

"I recognize the need to comply with TDA rules and the desire of many players at my table to act on my hand. I am forced to wait to see all the community cards on the table, and I will re-examine my thinking and play my hand accordingly. If you have concerns about this strategy, I will certainly keep your concerns in mind."

I just found his letter online. It is at:

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