Sunday, October 19, 2008

What To Do When You Are Card Dead?

Played in the Sunday event at Lucky Chances. I was card dead the entire time I was in the event--over 5 1/2 hours. The event had 140 entrants and paid 10 players.

How did I survive and give myself a shot at winning?

I moved all in on the small blind without looking when everyone folded to me and I needed chips. The big blind called--uh oh. I turned over K-2, and he had A-Q. I hit my 2 and doubled up.

I moved all in on the button without looking when everyone folded to me. The blinds folded.

I moved all in on the turn against two players, when I hit the low pair. I got called by one player who thought I had nothing. He had an Ace--but with antes I more than doubled up.

I did fold pocket 7's--which was a big hand for me today--when the under gun player raised, and he was re-raised before it got to my action.

And, earlier in the event, I did fold my best hand of the day A-J when a tight player moved all in under the gun. I put him on A-K, K-K or Q-Q, or pocket 9's or 10's. I decided to fold since in every situation I would be a dog AND there were 7 players still to act behind me.

We were down to 12 players and playing 6 handed. I moved all in on the small blind when everyone folded to me. I had a decent hand A-2, and the big blind folded. This pushed my low stack to $22,000--which put me in a decent situation as I needed just one more double up to be around 4th place.

On the next hand I was on the button, everyone folded. The blinds were $2,000-$4,000 with a $500 ante. I found the 4th best hand I had seen today---A-9. The small blind called right away. He had A-8.

The 8 hit on the flop and I was out. If I won that hand, I would be in 4th place and have a shot at the $11,000 first place win. Oh well...

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