Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How to Play the "Telephone" Game on the Internet

Tired of bad beat stories? Maybe some of them are not true. They have been passed along to so many people, that maybe they change.

I was wondering if the game of telephone--which you may have played once or twice as a child--would work on the Internet.

Here is how we can play it on the internet:
1. Listen to Poker Joke #1 recording.
2. Remember and record what you heard on your computer. Make up a list of friends and/or family members and email your recording to the first person on the list.
3. Tell this person to listen to your recording once and and pass it along by recording what he/she heard on their computer and passing it to the next person on the list.
4. Record and repeat until it gets to the last person on the list.

Now, check out how you did by having the last person right down the message. Come back to this website to compare it to the original message.

(Note: Before you listen to the recorded message one time, make sure you know how to record a message on your computer and email it. )

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