Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday at the Oaks...

$225 buy-in, NL tournament
100+ players

5 hours of being essentially card dead...but there is always a way to accumulate chips without cards.

In the the first hour, I had one hand A-Q in early position. Player under the gun called, I raised, and the next player called. The BB moved all-in, so I folded. The BB had 6-6 and the player to my left had A-K. She made a bad play just calling. The 6 hit the flop.

When it got down to 7 players, I raised with position a few times to get chips. A key hand was I raised on the cut-off with 10-8. The player to my left had a tell so I knew she'd fold. The SB called. The flop was 8-5-2. The SM moved all in and I called. He had 8-7 and I added more chips.

It got down to 7 tables and I was moved. This table was weak. I made some steals by calling the limps in position, and then betting the flop when checked to. If I got called, I would move all-in on the turn.

Down to 5 tables..and moved again. My first hand at the table was J-J. I raised and everyone folded. Card dead again...I stole in the cut-off twice to get some chips. My hands were not important, as I needed chips to have a chance. And when you fold a lot, it allows you to look strong when you raise pre-flop.

Down to 3 tables...and moved again. The table was 9 handed, and the blinds were big. When I was on the button and everyone folded, I pretended to look at my cards and moved all-in. I knew the guy to my left was super tight, and the BB I had never seen before.

I made the all-in move from the button twice and fortunately, the blinds folded. The third time I knew that one of them would call, so I really looked this time. 5-4 offsuit. I folded.

The next time around I made the move on the cut-off with the no look steal. It worked.

Down to 2 tables...and moved again at the worst time and in the worst position. I had to take the big blind. With the antes it was getting desperation time. First hand, a player limped, and another player who is also very tight moved all-in. While I had slightly more chips than him, I needed a big hand to call.

I found A-Q suited. I folded, since I was sure I was behind. And I felt I could steal in position to accumulate chips. A player called. He had 10-10, and hit the 10 on the flop. Good fold by me.

I was still card dead...the best hand of the day was J-J for me, along with the two times I had A-Q and had to fold. And...unfortunately, nothing changed and my opponents were raising all-in before me and showing A-A, A-K, and K-K. It was sick.

I finally was on the button and had to make a move. Q-9 all-in. Called by both blinds. One who had Ace high and knocked me out.

I got back $170 for finishing in 14th. A $50 loss for 5 hours of play.

Not a good day, but there was only one play I missed the entire time. With 4 tables left, I thought a player raised, and folded A-8 in position. Turns out the blinds had just gone up and he just called. The flop came A-8. I would have won a few more chips.


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