Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How To Play Ace-King From the Expert---Negreanu

The Countdown Continues...

Here I will use Negreanu's take on how to play Ace-King using his book Power Hold'em Strategy page 299.

Negreanu on A-K

In deep stack events, this hand is not good at all.

You don't want to get all your money in pre-flop with A-K. The reason is that you will be on the wrong side of a coin flip; that is, if your opponent doesn't have A-A or K-K.

You want to raise pre-flop with A-K, but it doesn't play well after the flop. If the flop comes A-9-6, and you bet and get called, this can be trouble. Your opponent could have A-9, A-6, 9-9 or 6-6.

A-K is a hand you will win small pots, but it is generally a dog if there is any significant action.

(Note: I could not find an example in his book using A-K.)


]=[endo said...

I had AK 3 times last night, and I only dragged one pot with it. AK is a difficult hand to play. If it doesn't hit the flop, you're basically bluffing throughout the hand. I do find that getting away from it is easily done after a flop, though I didn't used to play that way. :)

GiJoeValdez said...

I agree with his take. Pre-flop I can't even tell you how many times I have folded it. Specially in the early stages of a tourney facing an insane all in.

When its down to 3 players then yeah I go for it. Hhhhmmm maybe that's why I always finish 3rd? lol

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