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Poker Quiz: How To Play A Flush On The Flop

30 days to the WSOP...

Another Quiz
There continues to be a lot of interest in these one hand quizzes. What I am trying to do with these poker situations is to take a real hand, challenge your thinking, and show you how the Pro would approach the same situation. I also will provide my comments.

You will have a hand to play, and I will be playing against you. Good luck!

Main Event
$10,000 buy-in.
First place over $1 million.
You are one of the final 6 players.

Blinds are $1,500-$3,000 with a $500 ante

You have $110,000 and are under the gun. You find 8c-5c. You limp in for $3,000. Another player limps. I am in the small blind with $130,000 and call. The big blind also calls. There is $15,000 in the pot.

The flop is Ac-9c-6c. You hit your flush!

You bet $12,000. The first player calls and I call. The big blind folds. There is $51,000 in the pot.

The turn is a Kd. You bet $22,000 and only I call. The pot is $95,000.

The river is a 10c. You check and I bet $14,000.

What should you do?

Additional questions:

What hand do you put your opponent on?

Would you have played this hand any differently?

The answers will be posted tomorrow. I will provide what the pros think about this hand, and I will also provide another line of thinking.


]=[endo said...

Call the 14K due to pot odds.
I put the opponent on AQ/AJ.

I would have played the hand differently. If I flop the 8 high flush, I really don't want someone to draw out on me, so I would overbet the flop..probably 20K, maybe 22K. If someone calls, then I'm probably looking at someone that hit top two pair, or is drawing to the flush. Small possibility that there is a straight flush option. If we go to the turn and SB checks, $53K in the pot, I bet $45K. If you call, and don't put me in on the river, I'd check the river.

I could push all in on the flop, but I consider that an extreme option, that leaves me nowhere to go but pray my hand holds up.

Luigi said...

I'm with Endo, I want the pot now, I don't want any other callers, omeone probably has at least one club and its higher than mine, I'm not going to let them draw for a higher flush. Take the money and run.

Anonymous said...

Pot Odds say call, which is what I'd do. I'd put you on something like a A/K suited. Honestly, I'd be expecting to get beat in the showdown, but I'd risk it for just another 14k.

Having never played in a tournament that large, I'm not sure if I'd have done anything different. Probably would have gone in larger on the flop to try to scare everyone out.

Shawn K. Quinn said...

The obvious worst case scenario post-flop is any two higher suited clubs, in which case you're almost drawing dead (1 out to hit a straight flush).

With that in mind, I would probably have bet the flop and turn more. I don't want someone getting lucky with something like Ax-Kc or even worse, boating up after flopping two pair or a set.

If I fold here I have $73,000 left and you have $188,000. If I call and lose, I have $59,000 left and you have $202,000. I think it's worth calling here, maybe even raising depending on my read, since I've already put $37,500 in the pot counting the ante.

KO's TV critic blog & other stuff no one will read said...

I think 14000 is an obvious value bet. Perhaps the pot odds justify a call, but I believe that we are beat here a very high percentage of the time. Our opponent most likely has A-Qc or A-Jc.

I like our preflop and flop play here, but I would have made a much larger bet on the turn, probably 35-40k. This bet of only 22k on the turn allowed our opponent to hit his flush for a pretty low price.

Kevin O. said...

I think the 14000 is an obvious value bet. Perhaps the pot odds justify calling, but I think we are beat a very high percentage of the time here. Our opponent most likely has A-Qc or A-Jc.

I like our preflop and flop play here, but I would make a much larger bet on the turn. Something like 35k. The bet of 22k on the turn allowed our opponent to catch his flush relatively cheaply.

Anonymous said...

Definately calling the 14k. The bet of 14k means they are afraid of nuts so they don't have the Kc. Because they could still be holding Qc or Jc I only call but I put them on two pair, Ace-Rag or busted 9-high straight draw.

I would not have checked the river but instead bet out another 22K to make it look like I was going for value on my nut flush bluff. I still keep more than 50% of my stack and have 8-9 wheels left to try again.

Love the site, love the book, learning more every day.

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