Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poker: Fire That Third Bullet!

The countdown continues...

Don't make this mistake

Let's say a player limps from middle position and you raise with A-Q from the button. Only the limper calls.

It is heads-up on the flop. The flop misses you. Your opponent checks and you bet 50-75% of the pot and get called.

The turn misses you. Your opponent checks and you bet 50-75% of the pot and get called.

The river misses. Your opponent checks and you check. Your opponent wins with a small pocket pair.

Why didn't you fire the third bullet?

Your opponent has not shown any strength and you wimped out on the river. If you fired the third bullet, would he really call again unless he has a strong read? The answer is probably not.

Why? Because he is going to be thinking, "hmm...I didn't believe him on the flop or turn, but now that he bets the river and all I have is this one lousy pair, I'll fold."

Clearly, it depends on the cards on the board, your opponent and how he views your table image, chip stacks, and more...but don't be wimping out on the river.

Fire that third bullet if you ever expect to be a champion.


Anonymous said...

What size bet do you make on the river?

Mitchell said...

You can't make a weak bet on the river or you will increase the likelihood of being called. Either it looks weak or your opponent is going to be getting big enough odds to have to make a call.

Make another bet of 50% or more of the size of the pot.

Anonymous said...

just made that mistake tonight. Though he had Ace high vs. my King high, I was leading the betting- and had even check-raised on the turn.

silver said...

I think it depends on board texture and limper opening range.
Anyway it is very thin value imo

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