Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poker Quiz: How Good Of A Player Are You?

The countdown continues to the WSOP....

Here is an actual hand of poker played at the Bellagio. You decide what the best course of action is based on the information provided below. You are going to be playing against me. Oh yeah, you are playing for over $1 million! Good luck!

First place is over $1 million.
No limit MTT
$15,000 Buy-in
There are 74 players left.

The blinds are $4,000-$8,000 with a $1,000 ante.
You have $430,000 and are in early position.
I am the player in the big blind with $440,000.

The player under the gun who is extremely tight and has $225,000, raises for $23,000. The next player folds. It is your turn and you have 10d-10h. You call. Everyone folds to me in the big blind. I call. The pot is $82,000 with three of us taking the flop.

The flop is Jd-10c-7d.

I check. The initial raiser checks. You have a set and bet $60,000. I call. The initial raiser folds. The pot is now $202,000. (You have $347,000 left.)

The turn is 2d.
A possible flush, and you have the 10d.

I bet $80,000. You call. The pot is now $362,000. (You have $267,000 left.)

The river is the 3s.


1. If I move all in, what would you do?

2. If I bet $140,000, what would you do?

3. Would you have played any of the above streets any differently? If so, why?

The answers will be provided tomorrow.


Dan Vega said...

If you move in I would insta call you. Thinking here is maybe your on a busted str8 draw or over cards and you missed. With the diamonds out there you might be trying to buy the pot.

If you bet 140,000 here I really would have to think about it and based on your body language at the table I might fold. Thinking here maybe you flopped the straight or turned the flush.

I might gone all in on the turn. If you have a busted draw you lay it down if you have 1 or 2 pair its a pretty easy lay down for you and this way we don't see another diamond on the river. If you have a str8, nice play!

Angel said...

If you move all in on the River I will call you. The all in is an attempt to scare me off the pot.

If you bet $80k I would raise you to about 180k in an attempt to take the pot while keeping it low.

I would have played everything the same way except on the Turn. I would have raised right there in an attempt to win the pot. Calling your bet gives me no information as to where you stand. I would have raised the turn. Had you called me there it would have told me you were holding some K high flush, and might have checked the river or folded.

Mark Sweeney said...

1 If you move all in, I'd call. You made a pot-size bet on a flush draw, which says you're trying to buy the pot. This suggests you either don't have the flush, or you have low connected diamonds.

2 On a bet of $140K, I'd say you're trying to get me to move all in, since a call would leave $107K left, giving me only 5 rounds to recover/rebuild my stack.

3 What I would have done differently - raise preflop to 40K. Just calling leaves you with pot odds of 1:4 to call with any moderate hand - you're already in for 8K, what's 15 more with a stack of 440K? The initial raiser has bet 10% of his stack, so a re-raise to 10% of mine seems in order.

If you called after my pre-flop raise, I'd have a little more information on what you might be holding.

Dewayne said...

I would call if you move all in.

I might call if you bet 140,00.

Only thing i might have done different was bet more than 60,000 on the flop.To either win it right then or punish you for drawing to a flush if you miss.

If you made a pot size bet on the river i might fold.

you probably hold the 8d,9d.

Paul Ellis said...

So if I call, you've got something like Ad-Kd. or 8d-9d, or JJ. Based on pre-flop play, those are possible calling hands that I can put you on that would be reason to move all in here. If I had a flush, especially the nut flush, I don't really care if you call or don't. This is really good pot that I'd want to rake in that would vault me well above average.

But if I fold, you're showing something like QQ or 99 or even better AQo or something of the like.

So, I fold here, and take my chances at the next pot. I'm betting my set is no good. I would've shoved on the flop had I thought that either of my opponents were on a draw. Put their tournament on the line. I'd rather that they call off all their chips on a draw, then me call of my chips trying to put them on a hand.

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