Sunday, April 5, 2009

What do you think of this poker play?

At the Oaks...

There was a player who people view as very tight at the no limit tournament today. He took advantage of his image with a very interesting move.

He would limp in with a range of hands. If the board was paired on the flop he would bet the turn making it look like he has three of a kind.

If he went to the turn, and the board paired, he would bet into the aggressor with big bets. Example: Flop 9-8-2 He calls one opponents bet. The turn is an 8, and he moves all-in or makes a big bet.

After watching this for almost 90 minutes, he was building a big stack.

He finally lost an all-in bet against me. Under the gun, I had to make a move and moved all-in with A-J. He called with Q-Q. I hit the Ace on the river. That cut his stack in half.

But, the question is: What do you think of this play--specifically the play on the turn when the board pairs on the turn, and he acts first and bets into his opponent?

It worked all day long. Maybe I'll have to add it as move #102.


rhoegg said...

I'm not folding top pair if I have seen him do it once or twice before. I might not even fold a pocket pair higher than the bottom card on the flop. If you notice a pattern like this, that's a valuable read. Use it.

Mitchell said...

Funny you wrote that comment!

I'm friendly with that guy and it's the first time I played against him.
At the break I told him that if he tried that with me, I'd call him down with Ace high.

He said, "what do you mean?"

And I replied, "making those moves whenever the board paired."

He laughed.

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