Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Testimonial For My Tournament Poker Book

The following testimonial for my book Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves just arrived in my is another great one!

"I am fairly new to no limit hold 'em, having only started playing last year. I quickly learned that I knew a whole lot less than nothing.

After deciding I needed some assistance and not having any family or friends who played, I started some 'home study'.

I bought the usual books, some Harrington, some Sklansky etc - all very informative, boring, tight and not very effective in the hands of a newbie.

Your book is a revelation. It is like all the best bits from the dozen or so books I have already read all in the one volume with thought provoking sample hands to demonstrate application of the technique being discussed.

I would like to give balanced feedback and state that there are a number of typos appearing throughout the book which can be a little distracting however the meaning is not lost. (For what it's worth I am willing to send you a list of them if you are interested.)

All in all this is the best NL tournament book I've read. It has definitely improved my play and my awareness of when moves are being made on me. I can't wait for you to publish Vol II !!!"

Mark Shuetrim (Australia)

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Angel said...

you found typos? shows how little I know about grammar lol

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