Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More on Gus Hansen's Winning Plays: Hands 21-29

Hand 21:
Blinds 150/300/25
Position: 1st
Hand 5c-5h
Chips: 58.2k

Gus is first and limps. A player raises to 800 (he has 12000 in chips), and Gus calls. After Gus calls the c-bet of 1000 on the flop, the hands are checked down to the river with a board of 10c-10d-9h-As-Kd. His opponent wins with J-J.

Limp with pairs in early position.
Call a raise with pairs if the implied odds are favorable and you're taking little risk with your stack.
Bluff on river if opponent checks twice after you call his c-bet and scare cards come on turn and river.

Hand 22:
Blinds 150/300/25
Position: BB
Hand Ac-8h
Chips: 55.7k

The button raises to 1200 and Gus re-raises to 4300. His opponent folds.

If you think your opponent is making a play on the button, raise with A-x. And make the raise about three times the button raise.

Hand 23:
Blinds 150/300/25
Position: 2 off the button
Hand Ks-Qd
Chips: 58.1k

Gus raises to 1000, and the big blind calls (he has 6000 left). The flop is Jc-10s-2h. Gus wins the pot with a 6600 bet--which would put his opponent all-in.

Put your opponent all-in on the flop when the flop is favorable and a call on a pot sized bet on the flop will naturally mean he must also be all-in on the turn.

Hand 24:
Blinds 200/400/50
Position: BB
Hand 5d-4c
Chips: 59.3k

Gus notes the importance of being more aggressive when antes are 25% of the SB.

Gus calls a raise to 1200 by an early position player, and one caller. He is betting 800 to win 3500 (over 4 to 1). The flop is 5c-4d-3d. It is checked around.

The turn is the 5s. Gus bets the nuts and everyone folds. Gus admits this was a bad play.

When you hit the nuts on the turn, check to allow your opponents to catch something or bluff the river.

Hand 25:
Blinds 200/400/50
Position: BB
Hand Kc-7d
Chips: 61.5k

A player raises to 1300 on the cutoff and Gus re-raises to 4500 to win the pot.

Attack late position raisers in the big blind with even K7 offsuit.

Hand 26:
Blinds 200/400/50
Position: Button
Hand 5c-4d
Chips: 63.1k

2 off the button a player raises to 1200. Gus senses weakness and raises to 4600. Everyone folds.

When you spot weakness, re-raise your opponent off his hand.

Hand 27-29:

Gus raises first in on the button with Jc-7h to 1250, and wins.
Gus raises first in on the cutoff with As-3s to 1250, and wins.
Gus raises first in 3 off the button with Qd-Qc to 1250, and wins.

Look to steal on the button and cutoff.
Bet your premium hands the same amount as your steals.

See the previous post for the learning from hands 1-20. I will summarize the learning after hand 40--or Day 1 for Gus.

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