Sunday, June 14, 2009

My New Poker Rule: What do you think? Do you have a new rule?

Here is a new poker rule I think needs to be added into tournament play.

You are all-in pre-flop against one or more opponents who are also all-in. The hole cards are revealed and you are clearly ahead. For example, pocket Kings against pocket 10's.

If a player who is not in the hand makes a comment to you like "nice hand," "I like your hand," or "you're ahead." And, you subsequently lose the hand, you are allowed to penalize the player who spoke by the following:

a) Penalizing that player who spoke one round
b) Using that player's chips instead of your own to payoff the loss
c) Smacking that player who spoke across the head
d) All of the above

I will let you decide the penalty. Yeah, getting all-in pre-flop and losing after someone tells me how they like my hand is happening way too often and making me ill. And, no, I have not said a word to the player who spoke those words above.

In fact, I think we should extend this rule to all-in on the flop or turn as well.

Any other new tournament poker rules that you think should be added into the game?

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