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What Do Customers Think of Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves

Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves: More Customer Testimonials
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“I've been meaning to send you a mail and thank you for your book...101 winning moves. I see myself as more of a cash game person but wanted to improve my tournament play. I belong to a local poker league and hadn't done better than a 4th place in a little over a year. I got your book toward the end of last year and won the league main event using your techniques. This year out of the 10 tourneys (monthly) so far I have won 4 gotten 2nd in two 4th and 6th. I know the book helped. Thanks.”

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“Great book!! Thanks”

“I am fairly new to no limit hold 'em, having only started playing last year. I quickly learned that I knew a whole lot less than nothing.

After deciding I needed some assistance and not having any family or friends who played, I started some 'home study'.

I bought the usual books, some Harrington, some Sklansky etc - all very informative, boring, tight and not very effective in the hands of a newbie.

Your book is a revelation. It is like all the best bits from the dozen or so books I have already read all in the one volume with thought provoking sample hands to demonstrate application of the technique being discussed.

I would like to give balanced feedback and state that there are a number of typos appearing throughout the book which can be a little distracting however the meaning is not lost. (For what it's worth I am willing to send you a list of them if you are interested.)

All in all this is the best NL tournament book I've read. It has definitely improved my play and my awareness of when moves are being made on me. I can't wait for you to publish Vol II !!!”
Mark Shuetrim (Australia)

“Thx Loved UR Book.”

“I bought the e-book and I have to say I think it is superb. As you explain, we have to pull off some moves but trying to find out piecemeal from blogs, and books is really difficult.

The other thing I really like is that so many of your examples are with effective stack sizes of around 20BB. A huge part of any on-line tournament is spent with the field having an average stack of about 20BB yet few books cover this well. As a relative beginner in tournaments this makes life difficult

Once again - thanks. This is a very useful book.”
Trevor Duddle

“I have purchased your book and enjoyed it.”

“I've enjoyed the first reading of 101 Winning Moves, and plan to reread it again and again.”


I just wanted to say that I loved your book. I bought it after taking your poker quiz, which I did pretty well on haha, and it has really helped me with tournaments. I'm not old enough to play live yet but the moves you talk about in your book helped me win my first online tourney and I've cashed in 5 of the last 7 that I've entered, including making the final table in 2. I just wanted to say thanks for putting together all those moves and I love reading your blog as well!”
Have a great day,
Jordan Nilson

“great book, thank you!”

“Thanks! GREAT BOOK!!!!!”
Allan Wiser

“Great book!”
Cheers, Marc

“I bought your book and really appreciate it !!”
Best Wishes,
Ken Proudler

“Very nice, very good job.
This day, I finished 3rd in tournament (Full Tilt 10+1$ 45 players) ... this was the first time :-)."

“Great stuff, I'm reading it almost as we "speak"...
Keep up the good work!”
Conrad Holm

“Hi! I bought your Tournament Poker e-book today & it is amazing! I haven't tried a tournament yet, but it really opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong. Thank you for this wonderful book. Have a great day!”

“Thank you Mitchell,
I've been reading the PDF version and it's refreshing to get your advice. Finally a book that is different from all the others on the market who all promote tight play!

Looking forward to getting the hardcopy.”
Kind Regards,

“Just started reading your book, seems our playing styles are very similar, am getting ready to move up to bigger tournaments.”

“Hi Mitchell
I've read all the books you've mentioned Incl. Harrington's cash games, but I still believe that Gus's book and your book are the best I've read so far and profited from. If you need to take your game to a different level, you need to figure out the "thinking" of the expert mind......and Gus' book does just that. (Currently I'm reading " Check Raising the Devil" which is Mike Matusow's biography.)

I was on Royal Caribbean's Baltic cruise last month and I won the poker tournament there, thanks to some of the books I read and also the TV programs I've seen. Unfortunately, there were insufficient players so I had to settle for a cash prize, otherwise they give a seat for the caribbean poker tour.

Enjoy your blog. Keep it going.”

“I have both your books (RAZZ & 101 moves) and have found both have helped me fix leaks in both games. I’m still trying to apply some of the 101’s to my NLHE tourneys, with limited success so far (the low stakes I’m able to play at limit the effectiveness as at low buy-in so many take the “any two can win” & big Bet/all-in strategies to extremes).”

“The 101 book was freakin great!! There were like 3 typos but O well. On page 191 point 93 you said lose and i hope you meant tight, if not I'm really confused lol. But anyway the book was great. The coolest part I thought was how you put the reader in the Villian "part" instead of the normal Hero. All of the on line stuff I have read I am always the hero. This really hit home 4 me. So...Great Job!!
James Mosteller

“Hi Mitchell,
You are the most lucid, clear-writing poker author I've found and I really appreciate your work. The 101 Winning Moves book is just so valuable. I love how you have separated out all those strategic moves in a crystal clear, concise and understandable manner.”
Thank you.

“Hello, I bought your book No limit Poker 101 and am enjoying it very much. I am about 3/4 the way thru it. Extremely good material. Will reread it again when I am through. It is already helping me win or place in the money in sit and go tournaments. As for you widget quizzes, keep them coming. I need all the help I can get.

In your book you emphasize "Risk is Good". I noticed this on the WPT shows on TV. I am starting to believe in it, but with common sense.
Thank you for your book and keep up the tips that you provide.”
Robert Kerwin

“I have your book and it is great. imo the way it is written is way better than skylansky and harrington. it has really helped. I love the book. thanks and good luck.”

“I already purchased your book a couple of months ago and am introducing some of the moves bit by bit. I've started to play more aggressive than previously, in the right spots of course, and am having better results than before (4 final tables in a row cashing over $2k in $20 MTT's). I’m also trying to learn a bit more of the small ball strategy so i can play more hands when over 20BB's and help mix up my play, do you have any advice for small ball at all? Much appreciated if you do.

Great book by the way.”

“I spent last week rereading your book (3rd time) and preparing for a tournament that I played in last Saturday, the Canterbury Fall Poker Classic here in the Minneapolis area. $500 buy-in, 210 players. I finished in 15th place and took home a nice chunk of change.

I used the no look blind steal for the first time. At level 9 the blinds were $1000-$2000 with $500 antes. I had about $40,000 in chips and needed to stay aggressive. I actually did it from under the gun, raising to $8000. (You might say I combined 2 moves). It worked and I took down an uncontested $9000. As I discarded my hand I saw I had 2h 3s. I'm glad I didn't look as I would have been a nervous wreck, however I "embraced the risk of the game". I was eliminated about an hour and a half later when my top 2 pair went down to a straight on the river.

Thanks again for your help.”
Kindest Regards,
William Barman

“Hi, I have already bought the book on pdf, i read 1/3 of it, and then played a 5$ MTT and became 11, 1 seat from final im very happy with the book :-)”
Kindly Regards,
Thomas Clausen

“I purchased your ebook about 10 days ago via paypal. The book is excellent, thanks.”

“Just downloaded it today and was breezing over the preflop section while playing poker on the other monitor and entered few low stakes tournaments to test a few things out without looking at the majority of my cards and its paying off already!”

“Great work on the book! I definitely learned some new tricks, and I've played and dealt in many no-limit tournaments! I think it's vitally important to consider many factors in making a poker decision, as you do very well, such as position, stack sizes, pot size and table images (yours and your opponent's).”
Ryan W.


Hayley said...

Maybe this is a good book to get my Pa for Christmas?

Mitchell Cogert said...

Hayley, if your Dad likes tournament poker, it is a great choice! Of course, I am biased:)

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