Sunday, April 18, 2010

Customer Testimonial: Phenomenal book! (4/17/10)

Customer Testimonial: Phenomenal book! (4/17/10)

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The following is an email I just received. This kind of feedback is great and makes all the work I've done feel appreciated. Thanks so much J.B. --Mitchell

Mitch...just wanted to thank you personally for the contents of your book & website...I wish I would have had/read your book before the recent wsop circuit events I played in (which I did OK in, but I feel I would have done much much better if I'd have read your book 1st...) I can't believe I had never heard about your book before, but then again, I'm only recommending it to the friends of mine who I don't play on a regular basis! LOL

I live & breathe poker & have accumulated an extensive library of books as well as e-books...I just downloaded your Tournament Poker for Donkeys e-book & will be studying it intensely over the next week, but a glance through the Table of Contents assured me it will be well worth the study...

It's funny, you're book only has 1 close competitor in my humble opinion & that is PTF1 by Arnold Snyder...meanwhile Harrington, Sklansky, Brunson, Cloutier, etc get all the press... I'm glad I stumbled upon your book & followed up on your website before your book does become mainstream, so I can more easily dominate the MTT world 4 awhile.

I have a friend who developed what I consider to be the BEST online Heads-up strategy in existence...His name is Sean Grady...his website is You 2 guys should do some both have the best in your own little niche & are not getting the credit you are due.

Thanks again for the awesome book.

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