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Limit Poker Question: Did I Miss A Bet on the Turn?

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Limit Poker Question: Did I Miss A Bet on the Turn?

I am playing at a $3-$6 limit game online. I have $60. I don't use any software to analyze the style of my opponents.

I am in an early position with 7s-6s.

The player under the gun, Mr. A calls. He is the only loose and aggressive player at the table. Well, besides me. (FYI: He bought in with $500--which usually signals to me a loose player.)
I act next and call.

The next player, Mr. B, raises. Mr. C, re-raises, and Mr. D caps the betting. It's the first time a pot has been capped pre-flop at this table. Mr. A calls the 3 extra bets. I am next and I call, as do the remaining players. There is $64.50 in the pot and five players see the flop.

The flop is Kd-4s-3s.

Interesting flop. I have a (inside) straight flush draw, but I know that my chance of winning lies with hitting my flush.

Mr. A acts first and bets. This is a strange bet to me; that is, to bet into the raisers. I call.

By the time it gets back to Mr. A the pot has been capped again. Everyone calls. There is $120.50 in the pot.

With 4 opponents and the betting capped, I am attempting to put my opponents on a range of hands. Looks like the hands could be" AA, AK, sets, flush draws, and a straight draw.

The turn is a 2s.

I like that card, as it makes my 7 high flush, until Mr. A bets again! Wow, what is he thinking?!

Would you make that bet with a set? I didn't think so. I figure he may have a flush.

Is this a good time for me to raise? If I raise, and my opponents are not brain dead, they will fold if they can't beat a flush on the river. And, if Mr. A or one of the other players has a flush, I may be re-raised. I decide to call.

To my surprise no one raises. The pot is $150.50.

I am confident no one behind me has a made flush. Although I am thinking that Mr. A has a bigger flush, another opponent has a set and of course, another opponent is holding the Ace of spades.

The river is a 3d. Uh-oh.

Mr. A checks. Now, I'm fairly certain he has a flush.

I check. Instantly, the other 3 players check! There is a chance I have the best hand?!

Mr. A's cards open and he has As-5x offsuit for a straight on the turn and the nut flush draw. My cards are revealed--the 7 high flush. The other cards get folded. I win the pot!

I don't check the hand history. I never do.

Do you think I missed a bet on the turn?

Now that I know no one had a set, who is going to call my raise? Mr A will call with his nut flush draw. And, maybe if one of the other players had a K high flush draw, he'd call. But no one has two pair.

I guess a raise by me would have added another $6-$18 to the pot. But, that is hindsight as an opponent could have re-raised me.

Oh. No way I can bet the river when the board pairs, right?

What do you think?

It was a nice win. And, yeah, I was called an idiot by the player who capped the betting.
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Risk Oriented said...

What are you doing limping 76s UTG, with only 10BB behind? Are you nuts?!

compncards said...

I would bet on the turn. It is just as likely that you may have been facing A-K or K-Q from the other two players. You may have been facing aces. In a low stakes game as such, they will likely cap the betting on the flop. I think Mr. A raises you on the turn even with the potential flush out there. At that point you will probably call. As far as the river, unless you are absolutely certain that someone has a set, why not bet. This isn't Omaha. Now, if you bet on the turn and get raised or even capped yet again, maybe a check on the river is recommended.

And of course you are going to be called an idiot for calling a capped bet with 7-6 suited in early position. Regardless of how you spin it, it's a "bad call". Of course, I do the same thing with Q-6 suited in a multi-way pot having the same result, so I have no room to talk. :-)

Mitchell Cogert said...

Risk Oriented-It's a limit game, so I'm not concerned with my chip stack compared to the BB's.

compncards-Good points.
Pre-flop, I was in for one bet already, and I knew I'd be paying another $9 in a pot with over $60. Seemed low risk, high return.

compncards said...

Ya, you were almost 7 to 1 on your money at that point.

Risk has a point, especially with your position. However, it is still one of those plays that is either going to pay off big, or you are going to likely be folding on the flop and dropping 2 big bets.

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