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Poker Tip: A Limit Poker Move So You Can Win More Money

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Poker Tip: A Limit Poker Move So You Can Win More Money

I thought I would pass this move on since so many players are missing out.

You are on the cutoff with As-Ks. Everyone folds to you and you raise. I am on the button and call. The big blind also calls.

The flop is Ah-9h-8c. The big blind checks. You bet. I call and the big blind folds.

The turn is a 2h. You bet top pair, top kicker although you are worried about the possible flush against you. I call.

The river is a 7c. You bet and I raise. What are you going to do? What do I have? Did I hit an inside straight draw?

You call since the pot is giving you good odds. I turn over Kh-Jh. I hit the flush on the turn.

Let's look at what happens when most players hit their hand on the turn:

You are heads-up and in position against a lone opponent on the turn. He bets and you make your flush on the turn, so you raise. He calls. The river is a rag. He checks. You bet and he folds. You've won two bets.

But, look at what happens when you wait to raise on the river:

Same situation except you call on the turn. On the river, your opponent bets again and you raise. In most cases, your opponent will call. You've won three bets instead of just two bets by waiting to raise on the river.

Next time you hit your hand on the turn, stop and think before you make that automatic raise.

Note: This is a better move when you are heads up and in position. And, yes, a scare card may come on the river to slow you down. But, overall, it will work more often than you think.

I hope this helps.
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fwidman said...

Thanks for the tip. It makes sense :)

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