Monday, June 23, 2008

Full Tilt Sunday $750K Guarantee

Something like 3,500 players.

The first hand I was dealt was pocket Kings, I raised and everyone folded. The first hour I got premium hands more than I may have ever gotten before online, and the result I was down! Why?

I doubled up in the BB with my KK against the SB's QQ...which got me up to about $6,000 real early.

But, I made a call of a pre-flop raise in the SB with Q-J. The flop came Q-8-4. I check called. When the Q hit the turn, I moved all-in since I put my opponent on an overpair as he had been playing real tight. He called right away. He had pocket 8's. Doh! Back down to $3,000.

The premium cards stopped coming of course, but I was able to build my chips to a good size again. I played aggressive using my "risk is good" approach.

I got lucky when I had K-K against A-A and hit the K on the turn.

So, it was down to about 150 players. And I got moved to a new table. I hate getting moved to a new table since I have no clue on player images.

Second hand I was on the button with K-J. Everyone folded to me and I raised the $1,800 BB to $7,200. The BB thought a long time and moved all-in. Bummer. He had about $38,000 and I had $30,000 left, so if I called and lost I was out.

I had no clue how this guy played. My rule on Button play in this situation is that if you are going to call a move all-in from a blind after you raise pre-flop, just move all-in preflop.

I didn't follow my rule. I called all-in. He showed A-8. The flop had the A, and it was over.

Hours of play for a lousy $500 win. I made a bad as I write, not as I do...

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