Sunday, June 15, 2008

My trip to Las Vegas for Poker and the WSOP Razz event

Arrived Wednesday night. Entered a $330 No limit event at the Rio. Over 200 players and finished 3 from the money.

Thursday at noon. Entered a $330 No limit event at the Venetian. Over 450 players.
When it got down to 10 players, it was 2:20am. The director said that when one more player got knocked out, we would restart on Friday at 4pm. I told him that I couldn't make that time, since Friday at 5pm was the Razz event. He said sorry. First place was $38,000--what should I do? I decided to go for the Razz and I pushed all in on the next hand, and lost.
Finished 10th and Won $1,200. Was it the wrong decision?

Friday at 5pm. $1,500 Razz WSOP event. I had Marco (Jen Harmon's husband on my left). Nice guy, excellent player. I only lasted till around 9pm. One guy at the table killed me on this hand. I raised with x-x-3. He called. On 4th street I hit an Ace. He hit an 8. I bet and he called. On 5th street, I hit a 2. He hit a 10. I bet and he called. On 6th street, I hit a 10, and he hit a J. I bet and he called! The river I bet and he called. My river card was a King. He won with a 10 low. (I had A-2 in the hole).

Saturday at 7pm. Entered a $150 event at Caesar's Palace with 150 players. At 2am I got knocked out in 8th place. Won $500.

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