Monday, September 7, 2009

Here are Two Funny Poker Stories

Funny Poker Stories

I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their funniest poker stories.

Here is a funny poker story which happened while I was playing:

I was playing at Garden City Casino in San Jose, CA. in one of their night time tournaments.

The event started with about 12 tables, and we were down to the final 5 tables. We were coming back from one of the 5 minute breaks. As you know, during these breaks the dealer checks the cards and makes sure everything is ready to go for the next hour of play.

The third hand after the break... an older guy to my left, let's call him Bob, raised 4 times the blinds. He was called by one player. I had never seen Bob play at the tournament before, so he must have been fairly new.

The flop came down Jack of diamonds, Jack of spades, 8 of diamonds.

Bob checks and his opponent bets. Bob calls.

The river is another diamond. Bob checks and his opponent moves all-in. Bob hesitates before he calls the all-in bet.

The dealer tells these two players to, "turn over your cards." Bob doesn't do anything. Meanwhile his opponent reveals that he has a diamond flush.

The dealer asks Bob nicely, "sir, please turn over your cards."

Bob calmly answers, "I have four jacks."

Now, almost everyone at the table is telling him to turn over his hand.

Reluctantly, Bob turns over his hand and shows two Jacks...the Jack of hearts and...the Jack of diamonds.

For a half-second everyone is impressed with the quads, until I think we all realized at the same moment that there was already a Jack of diamonds on the board. We had been playing with two Jack of diamonds!

Of course, the dealer calls over the tournament director who rules that the hand is a do-over. It's like it never happened.

Bob is not happy with the ruling. He argues that his hand was best, and it doesn't matter since the card is in play. The players laugh at him. As the dealer shuffles, another players asks Bob, "What were you thinking when you saw that there was a second Jack of diamonds."

Bob answers, "that I had four jacks."

It was really funny.

Here is another funny story that I read in a book:

I think this story is from TJ Cloutier about a big high-stakes cash game in Texas. I don't recall the players names at the table but one of them was a real character. I'll call him Jim.

Anyway, I think it went something like this:

Pre-flop an early position limped in and Jim raised. The limper called. The flop came and Jim bet again, and he was called again. The turn card hit and Jim bet and his opponent called. On the river, Jim moves all-in. His opponent thinks for a while and finally folds.

The dealer pushes Jim the pot, and waits for Jim to give back his cards. When no cards are coming, the dealers says "your cards."

Jim replies, "Oh, you forgot to deal me in that hand."

I don't recall what happened next, but I'm sure there must have been one hell of a fight brewing in Texas that night.

If you have a funny story, please share.


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Mitch said...

Okay, those were funny, especially that last one, and the video,... classic!

Course, you'll have to visit my blog for me to see your response. lol

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