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Poker Answers to Quiz: Inside the Mind of Greg Raymer

How to approach a poker hand the Greg Raymer way: Questions and Answers

See if you can you figure out why Greg does what he is does each step of the way in th

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is hand:

It's a major event and the blinds are $300-$600 with a $75 ante. Greg is in on the button with $55,000. The cutoff has $50,000. The blinds have $80,000 each.

It's folded to the player in the cutoff who raises to $1,600. Greg finds Ah-10s. Greg calls.

Question 1: Why does he just call?

a. He identifies the player as being loose.
b. The blinds are deep stacked.
c. He doesn't want to be re-raised.
d. He wants to see a flop in position.
e. All of the above.

Answer: e. All of the above. He identified the player as loose, but he calls since he is concerned with one of the the deep stacked blinds or the original player re-raising which would force him to fold. He wants to see the flop in position.

After Greg calls, so does the big blind. There is $5,775 in the pot.

The flop is Ad-10c-9h.

The pre-flop raiser bets $4,000 and Greg re-raises to $13,000.

Question 2. Why does Greg re-raise here?

a. The board is coordinated and he wants to eliminate players.
b. He flopped 2 pair.
c. He wants to see where he stands in this situation.
d. He wants to have the lead on the turn.
e. All of the above.

Answer e. All of the above. Greg did not mention c and, so I added them in so answer e was best.

After Greg re-raises, the big blind folds but the initial raiser calls. There is now $31,775 in the pot.

The turn is the Jc.

After the cutoff checks, Greg pushes all-in for his remaining $40,000+.

Question 3. Why does he push all-in here?

a. He puts his opponent on a hand like A-K or A-Q
b. There are so many river cards that can beat him.
c. He believes he is in the lead at this point.
d. If he makes a big bet that is not all-in, he will have few chips left.
e. All of the above.

Answer e. All of the above. He does not put his opponent on A-J. He puts him on A-K or A-Q. Again, he doesn't want to get rivered.

After Greg moves all-in, his opponent calls.

His opponent actually thought there was only $20,000 in the pot, and that Greg made a huge overbet as a bluff. He turned over A-5. The river was a rag, and Greg won a big pot.

Congratulations to Johnathan Gelling for getting all the right answers

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