Sunday, September 6, 2009

News! A New Online Poker Site I Recommend!

New! Full Rush Poker

I have been playing at a new online poker site Full Rush poker. (It has nothing to do with Full Tilt poker.)

Update: I am planning a "Trick or Treat" Tournament on FullRush Poker on Wednesday October 28 at 9pm ET. $50 Freeroll + $10 Bounty to knock me out. It is only open to those players who sign up using my links, banners or bonus code.

There is no password needed since
only qualified players will see the event listed.

Select the tournament tab and then select the private tab and you will see Mitchell's Trick or Treat tournament. I selected Wednesday night to make sure it did not compete against the Twitter Poker Tour events.

You will start with 3,000 in chips and the rounds will be 10 minutes.

I think this is a great site for you to check out for three reasons:

1. Freerolls and tournaments which don't take forever to play--as they cap the number of entrants!

As much as I like playing poker, I really don't like playing online poker events for 6 hours or more. At Full Rush poker they actually cap the number of players. If you want to play in a $25 freeroll, you have to only beat a handful of players (I think it was like 27 players). And many of their guarantees are also capped. For example, I believe there were under 50 players for their $400 guarantee. It will save you a lot of time.

2. The players are not that good.

The players are just not the best. 75% of the players are from overseas--and very tight and passive. I like tight players who are also passive. If they raise pre-flop, I know they have a big hand.

3. They agreed to allow players who sign up using my link both their new player sign up bonus of 100% and 30% rakeback.

I decided to become an affiliate of the site after playing on it, talking with their owner, and negotiating a special deal for sign-up through me.

I believe I made a good deal for you at Full Rush poker where you get their 100% sign up bonus and a 30% rakeback.

Full Rush poker also has some added features that I like as well:

1. A countdown clock on the table you are playing, so you know how much time is left in a round.

2. An options button that is on the table so you can change the way the game is presented to you. When I play, I change the size of the cards, eliminate the sound of their dealer, and also get rid of their ads for upcoming events which pop up while you play.

3. When you deposit, they highlight the ways you can deposit based on where you live. US players are welcome. It may take a day to deposit the first time. For me, it took about 12 hours to get my credit card deposit approved.


Sign up with Full Rush poker using my link and test out a freeroll that costs $0 to enter. See how it plays. If you like it, give this site a shot. Heck, when you don't have 6+ hours to play poker or get knocked out early from one of those other sites, test it out.

Here is the link for Full Rush poker (all of the highlighted text is the correct link:) It takes you directly to the sign up page.

Important: If you decide you just want to check out the site and sign up without depositing, put in the "Homerb" bonus code to make sure you get the rakeback deal. If you come back to deposit later, don't use the "Homerb" code again--use their FullRush50, 100 or 200 bonus codes and you will get both the bonus and the rakeback.

If you decide to sign up with depositing, don't use the "Homerb" code--use their FullRush50, 100 or 200 bonus codes and you will get both the bonus and the rakeback.

Best of luck! If you have any questions, please let me know.

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