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What Would You Do With Pocket Aces here?

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Tournament Poker--Playing Pocket Aces

It is the WPT $25,000 buy-in event at the Bellagio. Everyone has $50,000. The blinds are $50-$100.

Only a few hands have been dealt at your table, when this hand is dealt:

A player in early position limps. You are sitting next to this player and you find pocket Aces--Ad-Ac (an Ace of diamonds and an Ace of clubs).

You raise to $300. The button, the big blind call, and the limper calls.

There is now $1,250 in the pot.

The flop is Ks-6d-5h.

The big blind and the limper check. That looks like a safe flop so you bet $800. Only the big calls.

There is now $2,850 in the pot.

The turn is a 9c.

You like your hand but you want to keep the pot small. You bet $1,800.

Your opponent raises to $5,800.

What should you do?

The pot is $10,450 and it will cost you $4,000 to call the raise. Can this guy have hit a set or two pair? Can he be trying to muscle you out of the pot, especially since your turn bet was small?

You decide to call. There is now $14,450 in the pot.

The river is the 8h.

You check and your opponent bets $7,500. What should you do?

Analyze the situation and make your decision. What do you think?

Answer on Monday.

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jack said...

*I don't claim to know anything about hand reading or too much about poker, so I'm not doing this to give a definitive answer.. I just want to think out the hand for fun :D.*

Firstly, as played, I would probably cry call the river.. I mean, if you lose the hand, you still have 35600 in chips and it's not the end of the world with blinds so small. At the same time, the raise on the turn kind of screams set.. but AS played, assuming we call the turn, I don't feel like a river fold is good.. even with the obvious value bet.

I don't know. Because it's all opponent dependent... does villain open limp 78s and then call OOP against a preflop raiser? If he's a really bad (maybe tricky?) player then maybe... so I sort of take a straight out of the equation.

Uhh.. is villain REALLY limping K9s? K6s? 65s? And then calling a preflop raise with it? Well, now that I think about it, button and SB call.. so maybe he has odds to call with both the 78s from my last paragraph and K9s... but even then.. these things seem so bad. Like the preflop play from the "hero" with aces... just gives tons of hands reasons to call.. I would make it like 400-500 with stacks THIS deep to get more money in when I know I'm ahead.

Ok anyways, because of the poorly played preflop (IMO) it makes the hand impossible to play or read. I put villain on pocket nines after check calling flop and raising turn, but I guess he can have any set (except kings.. unless he is really... not good lol again, just imo).. I don't think he has a 2 pair, but who knows.

I don't put him on AK. Or any KQ, KJ hand unless he's really monkey spew aggressive.

I don't know.

Tough spot. Ughhhh. Even 3bet folding turn seems better than check calling river. Like, why are we calling turn if we fold river to a small value bet? Or why not bet the river and fold to a shove or big reraise? Ahhhhh.

Looking forward to the answer. I'm a cash game player AND I don't play in deep deep stack situations like this so... I'm really curious and hope that it will be detailed! I need to work on opening my mind :D

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