Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got beat up at Razz....

Too many close beats on 7th...lost $1,000...oh well.

The annoying thing was how it was really against the same guy--

I let him be aggressive and let him raise me on 5th. He thought he had the better drawing hand each time, although I actually was the favorite. He would sometimes improve on 6th and sometimes not. I'd check...and if he thought he was ahead he'd bet. If not, he'd check.

And on 7th...he would hit perfect.

I lost with 8-4 to his 7-6.
I lost with 7-4 to his 6-5.
I lost with 6-5 to his 6-4.

I did bet my 7-4 hand on 7th..and called his raise.

I called the other hands.

If I played it more aggressively, I don't see him going away.

You can't win them all...oh well, I'd been running good at Razz the past week so it was meant to go south sooner or later.

Oh my...I forgot to move my seat!

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