Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Razz poker-Here is the key to winning....

Are you ready?

This is only good advice for cash games.

The key to winning in Razz is....get a good seat.

Tonight--some more proof:

I took my seat at $30-$60.

I ended up with almost 40% of the bring-in bets.

I was the favorite after 4 cards and bricked...on 3 different hands.

Down $400...bummer....what did I do?

I totally changed the way I played Razz and ended up the evening ahead $400.

Ok...I lied...I just moved my seat and I ended up the evening ahead $400.

I told a player, who says he is a semi-pro online player, that it's all in the seat. He told me I was an idiot. Maybe so...

But if you sit down at any table online and things are going bad--my advice is simple...move your seat.

Some people say that gambling is a long term thing. I disagree.

Gambling is all about brief moments in time where luck runs good or bad or neither. If your luck is running bad...move your seat...leave the game...whatever is needed...to change your luck for that short period of time.

When I play poker and things are running good...I will stay as long as the luck is going my way...when it changes...I put in a stop order to myself so I can "lock" in a gain for the period. Try it. If you always leave a winner your attitude is so much better.

One last point: Sometimes I start to play and realize I'm playing bad. So I just leave...I know when I come back there will be a game somewhere.

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