Thursday, July 17, 2008

Razz Poker $30-$60 cash results, a tip and learning

Decided to play some more Razz...

One player was super aggressive. Since the table was only 5 players, his theory was to raise with the second lowest or lowest card. It worked as no one played back at the guy.

I got involved with him and a third player. We went to 4th street and the aggressive player hit a King, while the third guy and I both improved. The third guy bet since he was in the lead, and I raised wanting to get the aggressive guy out. But he called. On 5th street, I took the lead and the aggressive guy was still sporting King low. He called my bet, and the third player called. On 6th, I was in the lead and bet. Only the aggressive guy called. I had the better hand and even a better draw. On 7th, he hit his card and won a big pot.

On the next hand another player beat me as well; yeah, coming from behind. I had lost $600.

Here's my tip: There is such a thing as good and bad seats. It is not being superstitious.

I moved to a new table. The aggressive player was at this table. I sat to his left and decided to call almost all his raises.

Since there was only 4 or 3 players during this time it was a smart strategy on his part to be aggressive. Well, I beat him up most of the time and made back the money I lost. He was beating up on the other players, so when he lost to me the other players seemed to giving away their chips to him.

I learned a lot from the aggressive player. When he left, I used his theory.

Overall for the night I won $ I was satisfied.

Some learning:

Short handed it is best to try to be the aggressive player at the table by betting the lowest exposed card or the second lowest exposed card pre-flop 90% of the time.

What this does is it allows you to steal and accumulate chips, and you win when you hit good and the opponent hits bad.

When you run into one of these aggressive players, slow play him even when you are ahead on 3rd street. Wait till 4th street. If he hits good and you hit bad, you can still call. In fact, you can assume he has a card higher than a 9 in the hole when you play the hand.

If you take the lead and you bet and he doesn't fold, there is a chance he actually has a real hand.

If he has the lead and checks, you can assume he has a really bad hand so bet.

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