Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My trip to the World Series of Poker

I flew into Vegas to enter Saturday's $1,500 no limit event. The event started at noon.

I missed the 11:15 am bus from Harrah's to the Rio, so I took a cab instead. The cab drove about 100 yards from Harrah's when the police pulled over the taxi. It wasn't the cops but a Vegas Taxi Commission officer. It seems that the taxi wasn't suppose to pick up passengers in the area--he was a restricted cab.

After asking the cabbie a few questions, the Taxi Police had me get out of the cab. He got me another taxi, which let me out in front of the Rio.

After the long walk, I was at the Registration Window about 11:45am. But the event was sold out. I was told the event sold out about 30 minutes ago.

Bummer. They capped the event at 2,700 players.

The extra taxi stop didn't matter. It was just not meant to be.


Pud's Poker said...

Do you plan on playing any other games whilst out in Vegas? Must be a real pain in the arse to gee yourself up to play in event only to find it is sold out!

Mitchell said...

I blame myself for not getting to the event earlier at the WSOP. I was very disappointed.

After I couldn't get into the WSOP event, I went over to Caesar Palace for the $340 no limit event. I was an alternate since so many players came over from the Rio.

When I got into the game, I knocked myself out with a bad play.

A player who had been active limped under the gun. I called on the button with Q-10. The flop came K-Q-2.

My opponent bet half the pot and I called.

The turn was an 8. He bet half the pot. I called.

The river was a Q, and he immediately said "all-in." When he acted so fast I thought he was weak, so I called right away.

He had K-Q for a full house. Doh!

Bad play on my part.

jusdealem said...

Ouch on the KQ hand, as well as not making to the Rio in time. Tough day for ya. :(

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