Saturday, November 22, 2008

60 Minutes at Bodog Poker

Bodog is a favorite site of mine since it is the one site that I consistently win money at, especially at the no limit tournaments. My biggest win was finishing 2nd on their big Sunday event. The only reason I didn't win that day was because I misread my opponents bet..but that's history.

I do have problems at the Bodog limit ring games. And sometimes players at the highest level appear to acting in collusion. I don't have proof, but sometimes these super aggressive players on flops and turns, suddenly fold heads-up. It seems fishy to me. That's why I avoid the highest game--$30-$60 and play at $20-$40 or $10-$20.

Tonight I knew that I would win since I hadn't been on the site for months. Yes, I am a believer that things are not 100% kosher at online poker sites. I believe the software is programmed to reward players who have not won, and might leave. Or, have not played on the site and want to come back to play more often. It's all about the psychology of giving intermittent rewards so a person gets hooked, plays more, and eventually busts.

I entered the $20-$40 limit cash game. There were 2 and then 3 opponents. I played for 10 minutes and doubled up to win $400.

I didn't think it was realistic to do better than doubling up quickly, so I left.

I tried a heads-up no limit game for $105. Oh my, my opponent got pocket 9's, 10's, Q's and K's--and I was ahead 2-1 in chips! He won all those hands, but I slow-played 2 pair on the flop and won a major pot, when he hit a lower 2 pair on the river. (I never even got a pocket pair. My best hand was A-Q, and my opponent won the pot with A-K)

I thought this was going to be an easy win now. I was wrong. He got even and then with the blinds going up, we were now at such a a high level it was going to be push or fold time.

The first hand after this blind increase, I got dealt A-J suited. I moved all in for $1,500 with the blinds at $100-$200. He snapped called with pocket Aces....oh come on! That's not right!

Actually, it was right. I lost. But I made the mistake. I shouldn't have left that first game since I think the program was helping me. Hey, maybe the program was helping him at the heads up game. He certainly got all the big hands. Who knows? That's why these sites should be regulated.

One day I'll have to play in one of those Sunday events after a long layoff.

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