Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lock Up Sharp Objects While Playing Poker...Part 2

Sunday at the Oaks
$225 buy-in 135 players

We are down to 11 players. 6 players at my table.

Blinds $3,000-$6,000 with a $500 ante.

I am in the cutoff.

Players fold to me, and I look down and find A-A! I am in 3rd place with $60,000. I raise to $18,000. The big blind moves all in for $35,000. I call. He has A-Q.

The flop is K-2-4. The turn is a 10. The river is a J. Noooo!!!!!!!!!

I go on tilt and take myself out of the event in the next 2 hands.

Win $200 for over 5 hours of play.

Yes, one of my biggest weaknesses in poker is that I go on tilt.

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