Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Full Tilt 45 player $24 buy-in: We have a winner

After Obama's speech, I decided to play poker at Full Tilt...I hadn't played in a tournament on FT in some time. I was able to get into one of their 45 player, $24 buy-in event. I like this smaller sized events since they don't take long to play.

Key play was when I was down to 7 times the BB on the cutoff. No cards for about 45 minutes. Everyone folded and I had King-5 offsuit. I have to try to steal and get chips so I move all-in. The chip leader in BB called. He had K-J. I hit my 5 and won.

The guy wasn't happy and he didn't understand how I could move all in on such a bad hand. But it's the right play even if he beats me. I was in the right position, with a low chip stack, and I had a King.

I got moved to a new table shortly after the break, and I moved all in with A-K against a limper under the gun. The limper called with the 4-4. That's a lousy call. Anyway, I won that hand on the flop.

From then on, I won every all-in situation but one:
My 6-6 beat A-10.
My K-Q beats Jacks.
Got A-K twice more and beat pocket pairs.

And the last hand...
My A-K beat 10-10.

Almost a $400 win.

As to Obama...
Obama is a great speaker--both his style and the way he says things so that everyone who listens can read into his speech some part they will like. I think everyone feels good after listening to an Obama speech. But I wish I knew what he was passionate about.

"Change, We Can" is a winning slogan. So is "Don't Try, Do" to quote Yoda.

What does he exactly want to do, to create precisely what kind of change? I believe he has the smarts to be a great President. But no one knows for sure what he will do. We will all soon find out...

Oh yeah, I also think McCain is a quality guy who could have been a good president; yeah, too bad he wasn't running the country instead of Bush the past 8 years.

I finally figured what the W in George W stands for...Worst. He is the Worst president in my life time.

Congrats and good luck to Obama!

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